"whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst..." - jesus

Who is The Well?  We are a missional community in Jupiter, Florida.  We have prayed that these simple pages would give you an honest look at our community and our hopes and dreams to see God's kingdom revealed on earth.


The Well had its inception in 2001 when seven people began meeting together and asking big questions like "What does it mean to be the church?" and "What does following Jesus look like in 21st century America?"  In the years since we have learned a lot, grown a lot, and been given a glimpse of how much God has in store for Jupiter and the northern Palm Beaches.


This isn't a snazzy campaign created to promote a church, but rather a space where we can give you a glimpse at how we are praying and acting to radically transform a city, starting with ourselves.  Our hope is that it would connect with a few of you and that you might feel called to partner with us!